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About Me

Mallory Key is enlightening those who are ready to learn the Language of Astrology, or who are just curious about their Birth Sign and planetary aspects. 


Mallory Key is a certified Astrologer and accredited with the AMFA, American Federation of Astrologers. She has studied Astrology for over eleven years and completed advanced course work with professional accredited Astrologer Mr. Thomas Parsons in Smyrna, Tennessee. 


Mallory has studied mindfulness meditation for over 20 years. She is a Reiki master as well as a professional Musician. 



Astrology Readings, Classes, or Group Sessions are for Enterainment Purposes Only. 

What To Expect

Astrology is another modality to help develop the practice of becoming the Observer of your surroundings and emotions rather than being a reactor to conditions and situations.  It is an Ancient Art and one that is returning to our society.  

Learn about your:

Sun Sign

Moon Sign

Ascendant or Rising Sign


Current Transits

The Houses

The Planets


Learning the Language of Astrology can help you cultivate compassion for yourself and others.  

*Please have your birth time available for chart readings. 


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Astrology Readings and Services are for entertainment purposes only.